Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama Accepts Democratic Nomination

Barack Obama spoke before over 84,000 people at Invesco Field

Hundreds of Denver Residents in Historic African American Five Points Neighborhood Gather to Watch Obama Speech While Barack Obama spoke before over 84,000 people at Invesco Field, many residents of Denver gathered elsewhere in the city to watch his speech. Democracy Now! goes to the historic African American neighborhood of Five Points to get reaction from residents who converged to watch a live telecast in a tent set up by the organizers of the Denver Jazz and Blues Festival.

Barack Obama Historic African American


John Lewis Congress person for the 5th District of Georgia, people could not register to vote and we changed that. He was there when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr gave his speech 45 years ago.

Stevie Wonder: Here I am baby Signed, sealed delivered, I'm yours.

Man Cries Joy for Black Aspirations: History

Michael Eric Dyson: The Death Penalty

Dr Martin Luther King: I have a dream