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Ron Paul *Iranians Tested Missiles AFTER Israel had WAR GAMES!

Iran 2008 | Decide for yourself


Iranian president's words were: "this REGIME occupying al-Quds [Jerusalem] must VANISH from the pages of time". This clearly talks against a REGIME that occupies, and not a nation of people that Iranians actually have respect for, the Jews. Iranians were also against the apartheid REGIME of South Africa back in the 80s, but somehow the media never twisted any of such declarations into genocide references. If the phrase was heavily manipulated, there is a good reason to it.


You think in a very convenient way when claiming the exclusive pure Persian culture was that of Ferdowsi (1,000 years ago), as his was for earlier Persians quite a polluted version of their own systems, for it was already the result of helenizing and mongolizing processes. Else, you really believe 1,000 years earlier, Cyrus and Dariush would have agreed with that as if nothing wouldave happened in between? Yet you call it Persian culture and for sure it was, but so is Mowlavi's Masnavi with no "buts", as well as the modern Islamic version of Iran, and I firmly believe there is not a single contradiction between them other than words and images.


We in the West claim to live in "democracy" (whatever that word and its practice means), in "freedom", and "prosperity". If all of that is true, how do we explain the fact that this supposedly evolutioned and diplomatic world stands still while the most unfair things happen in the Middle East not on their own fault but on our Western influence on it?

Besides from our prehistoric system which needs to murder by the millions to stay alive, not a single government in the world stays out from the control of its people, not a single one of them. Government comes from the Greek "Kybernetes", who was the one guiding the ship, guiding the tripulation to a safe and better harbour, one in which the passengers would see the quality of their human nature amplified. No media in the world is free, there are naturally always governments, and less naturally there are always monopolistic corporations entangled with political conveniences, there are always masses being idiotized with reality shows, with celebrities, movies, ILLUSIONS far from what this existence really consists on and far from the simple beautiful details of life.

Just because I can publish an article that says in principle God is an asshole and his followers are beasts (and all the degrees and similar examples of doing something like that), it doesnt mean I live in a free society, but in one that forces me to operate in favor of the division of the peoples, in one that promotes individualism so that the "free" market can sell me unnecessary products far more easily when Im alone and I have lost the ability to measure the real values of life's real products, and that enslaves me with debt and material possessions.

How is all of that more valid than a government which also controls the media, which also forces people to do certain things (actually in a far more honest way as they manifest what the rules are and dont hide them in the guise of a "free" market), but which actually gives their people independence and spiritual guidance, a safer harbour, the most authentic from them all, for they shelter their culture from another one which drives towards dissolution, towards materialism and individuality, which gives people all the credit cards they want to buy as much as they can think of, but still deprives them of the real satisfaction people looked for when thinking about buying anything in the first place.


What freedom and democracy is the US -and the Western world for that matter- entitled to spread when it wasnt Bush but another "democratically" elected government which overthrew democratically elected presidents even in my meaningless Chile? And how different to such democratic evangelization ways are the rest of the countries of the world which approve all such mechanics through silence and a smile at UN meetings, smiles to which they are chained by the economical comfort of their own people and their debts?

Chileans owe a 65% of what they claim to "own", and Americans owe over a 50% of what they also "own", and lets not even get into depth with the burlesque debt of the United States of America which easily surpasses now the 10 trillion dollars (=not payable). An economic crisis threatens to rise the taxes of the buy now and pay later credit system (prohibited by Iran's "evil" leaders), threatening to take all the people "own" away, and Europeans cant handle their own supposedly independent systems with a US that falls down, so we all have to be OK with this country invading whatever nation comes in the list, as long as this other side of the Berlin wall keeps pathetically standing.

Obama to AIPAC: Jerusalem “Must Remain Undivided”

On his first day as the Democrats’ presumptive nominee, Senator Barack Obama traveled to Washington to address AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Sen. Barack Obama: “Let me be clear. Israel’s security is sacrosanct. It is non-negotiable.The Palestinians need a state that is contiguous and cohesive and that allows them to prosper, but any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel’s identity as a Jewish state, with secure, recognized, defensible borders. And Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”

Palestinians Appalled by Obama’s Comments: Al Jazeera reports Obama’s comments appalled many Palestinians who see occupied East Jerusalem as part of a future Palestinian state. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said, “This is the worst thing to happen to us since 1967…He has given ammunition to extremists across the region.” Here in this country, independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader criticized Obama for not mentioning the humanitarian disaster in Gaza caused by the Israeli blockade. Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri also criticized Obama’s speech.

Barack Obama with his wife Michelle after claiming victory.

Barack Obama makes American history Barack Obama has made history by seizing the Democratic nomination and becomes the first African-American to run for president of the United States. In jubilant scenes at the Xcel Centre in Minneapolis-St Paul in the heart of America's Midwest, Senator Obama announced that he had won sufficient delegates and superdelegates to claim the nomination. "Tonight we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another - a journey that will bring a new and better day to America. Tonight, I can stand before you and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States," he said. In a poignant moment he also thanked his grandmother, who was watching from Hawaii because she is too frail to travel. "She poured everything into me and made me the man I am today," he said. But then he turned his attention to the Republicans and John McCain, who will hold their convention in the same venue that Senator Obama chose for his victory speech. "My differences with him are not personal; they are with the policies he has proposed in this campaign," he said. The Democrats are hopeful of winning the White House in November after eight years of a Republican President whose popularity has plumbed new depths in the face of a sagging economy and rising petrol prices.

"America, This Is Our Moment": Sen. Barack Obama Clinches Democratic Nomination Barack Obama made history last night by sealing the Democratic presidential nomination to become the first African American nominee of a major party in the United States. Obama clinched the win after a wave of more than seventy uncommitted superdelegates announced their support on Tuesday, pushing his total over the threshold of the 2,118 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination at the party’s convention in August. We speak to Ron Walters.

Broadcasting Legend Bill Moyers on the US 2008 Elections & More, the Party's over? Legendary broadcaster Bill Moyers helped organize the Peace Corps and served under President Johnson before going on to a distinguished career in journalism that continues today with the PBS series Bill Moyers Journal. His latest book, just published, is Moyers on Democracy. Moyers joins us to talk about the 2008 elections, the media and war. He addresses the controversy over Barack Obama’s former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. It was nearly two weeks ago on Bill Moyers Journal where Wright first spoke out since his criticism of US government policies became a major issue in the 2008 Democratic presidential race.

Clinton, Bush, AIPAC, Iran!

Well the big wide world is out there and Global Warming is still a hot and wet topic.GW Bush seems to be pushing buttons again. Heaven help the world cause nothing else will. 2008 has started out on very shaky ground and we've seen it all before. Just take a look at the history with the slideshow, movies, and links. That should bring anyone up to speed. So Hippy New Year truthseekers.... :-) SBS & ABC TV News here in Australia are reporting for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) if anyone hasn't noticed। And they want Hilary Clinton, no doubt।

Sen. Hillary Clinton Refuses to Acknowledge Making Mistake Over Voting for Iraq War At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire resident Roger Tilton asked Clinton: "I want to know if right here, right now, once and for all and without nuance, you can say that war authorization was a mistake." Anne Miller later asked Clinton about her views on Iran. US Indymedia
Melbourne Indymedia

The Myth Of The Liberal Media The propaganda of model news featuring Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman and Justin Lewis. How the media really work and who decides what is news.

Corporate Control of the Media Sen. Bernie Sanders: If You Are Concerned About Health Care, Iraq, the Economy, Global Warming You Must Be Concerned About Corporate Control of the Media

Independent Jewish Voices: New British Group Speaks Out on Israeli Policies in Occupied Territories A group of prominent British Jews have launched an organization to counterbalance what they perceive as uncritical support of Israel by major Jewish institutions in the UK. The organization, called Independent Jewish Voices, or IJV, includes well-known public figures in Britain's Jewish community, including Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter and fashion designer Nicole Farhi. We go to London to speak with two of the group’s members

Bill Moyers: Big Media is Ravenous It Never Gets Enough. Always Wants More. And it Will Stop at Nothing to Get It. These Conglomerates are an Empire, and they are Imperial."

Christians United for Israel: New Christian Zionism Lobby Hopes to Rival AIPAC We take a look at a new recently established group called Christians United for Israel - an evangelical organization that believes supporting expansionist policies of the Israeli government is: "a biblical imperative." We speak with investigative journalist Max Blumenthal who reports they lobbied the Bush administration to adopt a confrontational posture toward Iran, refuse aid to the Palestinians and give Israel a free hand in its attack on Lebanon.

Imprisoned Journalist Josh Wolf Speaks Out From Jail EXCLUSIVE: Imprisoned Journalist Josh Wolf Speaks Out From Jail After Over 170 Days Behind Bars. Josh Wolf, 24, has spent almost six months in jail. More time than any journalist in US history for protecting his sources. He was jailed on August 1st of last year when he refused to turn over video that he had shot of an anti-G8 demonstration in San Francisco to a federal grand jury.

News War: Secrets, Sources and Spin Frontline producer Raney Aronson discusses the new documentary series examining the relationship between the Bush administration and the press.

Bush (Custer) Last Stand In Iraq - War Drums in Washington The majority of American citizens have the delusion that they actually decide who governs them, when in practice the Democrats and Republicans are only two wings of the same ruling class that owns Congress, just as it owns the land, the banks and big corporations, the newspapers, and radio and television companies.

Chalmers Johnson: Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic One of the things I have experienced in these three books is a much more receptive audience of alarmed Americans to Nemesis than to the previous two books, where there was considerable skepticism, so that one -- if we do see a renaissance of citizenship in America, then I believe we could recapture our government. If we continue politics as in the past, then I think there is no alternative but to say Nemesis is in the country, she's on the premises, and she is waiting to carry out her divine mission.

Domestic Democracy or Foreign Imperialism A talk by Chalmers Johnson about the run up to Imperialism in the US over the past 40 years. Including discussion of his recent three novels: Blowback, the Sorrows of Empire and Nemesis. Chalmers addresses the effect of the 737 military bases the US has around the world and why Foreign Imperialism conflicts with a Domestic Democracy. We now have in effect an Imperial Presidency that ignores the Constitutional requirement for separation of powers and checks and balances. Comparisons are made between the US's policies and those of other failed Imperialist nations of the 18th and 19th century, such as England, France, and Holland. Also considered is the possibility of a military coup in the US and whether it would turn out better for the US than it did for Rome. The video has excerpts from President Eisenhower's famous farewell speech of 1961

TRIAL BY MEDIA! or trial by a Jury? Once a person is charged there should be a media black ban on that case until a jury has found the person either guilty or not guilty. If the media have the power to elect our political parties then they also have the power to find people guilty. Especially people who are being tried over and over again. Now with no double jeopardy rules and majority verdicts in NSW then high profile cases have become susceptible to being tried by the media and not by the jury in my humble opinion.

In addition to this story and typical of the right wing corporate media propagandists with one saviour Nicholas Cowdery

Lift the veil and show us what the jurors see The NSW Director of Public Prosecutions, Nicholas Cowdery, sees some problems in all this. He points to the tension between the public's right to know and the community's "confidence in the administration of justice". If the media edits or selects bits of the evidence the reporting would be very bias and unfair, unless you trust corporate media that is. Anyway I think this is right wing propaganda make up your own mind I guess...

Draconian power to discharge juror and bend trial JUDGES will be given [draconian] powers to discharge individual jurors without having to abort a trial under reforms passed through state cabinet yesterday.These laws are draconian and allow the Judge to push the jury around and sway the trial one way or another. Shame on John Hatzistergos, this creep wants to move trials the government's way when it suits the political agenda. This is not a trial by a jury of your peers. This is bullying. A Google search for this article reveals the real truth i.e. "Did you mean: Power to discharge jury and save trial."

Afghan Independent Media Consultant Sought Impeding the development of open media, for instance, are a list of restrictions that the Afghan National Security Directorate imposed upon journalists last year. Human Rights Watch decried the restrictive list as a "blatant intrusion on the freedom of Afghanistan’s fledgling media. These directives are an insult to the hard work and personal sacrifice of Afghan journalists who try to get the truth out to the public."

John F Kennedy: With Your Help, Man would be what he was born to be - FREE AND INDEPENDENT JFK Speech on Secret Societies and Freedom of the Press

EU: The myth of Islamic terrorism If we look at the people arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences, the figures are rather disproportionate; about half of them arrested were Muslim. In plain English: Muslims are a group causing very little terrorism in Europe, while at the same time much more likely to be arrested on suspicion of it. The constant media coverage of Muslims being arrested creates the false image of a serious threat in order to benefit the imperialist world-view Washington wants us to adopt. Our Mortal Enemies (PNAC) Project for the New American Century, (WTO) World Trade Organisation, (AMIC) American Military Industrial Complex, (IMF) International Monetary Fund, (AIPAC) The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, NATO, World Bank and the CIA economic hit-men and jackles - who are all part of the problem!!! :-(

Media outlets fight 'erosion of free speech?' Australia's major media organisations have joined forces to fight what they say is an erosion of free speech. The group is led by News Limited and includes Fairfax, commercial radio and television, as well as the ABC and SBS.

I would have thought it was the other way around? Communities fight 'erosion of free speech.'

The War on Free Expression - by Stephen Lendman
The struggle to save our First Amendment rights.
In a post-9/11 climate, the right of free expression is under attack and endangered in the age of George Bush when dissent may be called a threat to national security, terrorism, or treason. But losing that most precious of all rights means losing our freedom that 18th century French philosopher Voltaire spoke in defense of saying "I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Using it to express dissent is what noted historian Howard Zinn calls "the highest form of patriotism" exercising our constitutional right to freedom of speech, the press, to assemble, to protest publicly, and associate as we choose for any reason within the law.

The Great Betrayal of the British People, by the art of misdirection. The rise of Blair the Dictator The rise of dictator Blair - Please be assured we are not members of The EU and never have been. We only think we are members because we have been duped.

Evil Empire: Is Imperial Liquidation Possible for America? One major problem of the American social and political system is the failure of the press, especially television news, to inform the public about the true breadth of the unconstitutional activities of the executive branch. As Frederick A. O. Schwarz and Aziz Z. Huq, the authors of Unchecked and Unbalanced: Presidential Power in a Time of Terror, observe, "For the public to play its proper checking role at the ballot box, citizens must know what is done by the government in their names."

Bill to help journos protect sources: Govt?
"The court will take into account the nature of the proceedings, the importance of the evidence, the likely harm to the journalist's source, other means to obtain the evidence and means available to limit the impact of disclosure," Mr Ruddock said.

UK: We Are Change UK: David Miliband featuring Tony Benn We Are Change UK confront David Miliband(Foreign Secretary), Ed Miliband(Minister for the Cabinet Office) and Hilary Benn(Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) on Labour's failure to honour their manifesto promise of a referendum on the European Constitution. Tony Benn is interviewed expressing his views about the European Reform Treaty(Treaty of Lisbon) The debate in parliament to ratify this treaty and for it to become British law started on Monday 21 January 2008. There is a 3 line whip for Labour MP's to vote in favour of the treaty and failure to do so could mean expulsion from the party.

The Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on the Rise of Disaster Capitalism Pinochet’s coup in Chile. The massacre in Tiananmen Square. The collapse of the Soviet Union. September 11th, 2001. The war on Iraq. The Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Award-winning investigative journalist Naomi Klein brings together all of these world-changing events in her new book, “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.” In her first national broadcast interview since the publication of “The Shock Doctrine,” Klein joins us in our firehouse studio for the hour. Klein writes, “The history of the contemporary free market was written in shocks.” She argues that “Some of the most infamous human rights violations of the past thirty-five years, which have tended to be viewed as sadistic acts carried out by anti-democratic regimes, were in fact either committed with the deliberate intent of terrorizing the public or actively harnessed to prepare the ground for the introduction of radical free-market reforms.” The Shock Doctrine : Naomi Klein Don't miss it. And don't forget to add the Bali bombing to that list of Shock Doctrine's that allowed the war criminal John Howard to wage war on our side of the fence.

Terrorism You Tube

McCain win would mean war with Iran
Says McCain would provoke new wars, 'he's in everybody's face'
"More wars" could prove to be the oddest of all presidential campaign slogans. Especially if it works.

HOW TO SAVE THE USA Presidential candidate John McCain shocked observers on Sunday when he told a crowd of supporters, "There's going to be other wars. ... I'm sorry to tell you, there's going to be other wars. We will never surrender but there will be other wars." all you should know for the presidental election in 10 mins (the truth) please listen to the original romney interview to get the last part right. this is extremly cut to fit the 10 minutes limit and maybe unfair.

CANADA - When the $hit goes down? You better be Ready ! Start demanding Prime Minister Stephen Harper ask the Canadian people if they want a Security & Prosperity Partnership(SPP)with the U.S. & Mexico. "We'd Rather Be Canadian" Patriots Please take the time to heckle our Prime Minister to come clean

Loose Change: Final Cut We here at Louder Than Words and Alex Jones productions are proud to officially release "Loose Change Final Cut" on Google Video in the highest quality possible. Encouraging people to copy these films and hand them out, as well as hold screenings in Coffee Houses and Churches was a good start, but has not been enough in the past.

Loose Change Final Cut - Tim Sparke Interview Tim Sparke (Exec.Producer of Loose Change Final Cut) at the Duke of Yorks in Brighton, UK, speaking before a screening, Sunday Feb 3rd 2008

A Brief History of the Official 9/11 Cover-Up If the 9/11 Commission was a fraud, would you want to know? This is a clip from "Loose Change: Final Cut," following the official 9/11 Commission from its inception to its demise.

Jesse Ventura on 9/11 with Alex Jones 2008 -- Part 1 of 3 April 2nd 2008 - Pentagon Story "B*S" - Alex Jones interviews former wrestler and governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura on 9/11.

Governor Jesse Ventura On Hannity & Colmes 4-8-08 Republican Democrat Home Independent Libertarian Green Party Peace Anit-War Huge CFR Bring Job Spice Girls Sexy Legs Maher Halo Inside Bounty Boobs Election Middle East Nader Iowa Caucus Hunter New Troops Hampshire George Nevada Oil Bill Guitar Conspiracy 3 Hero Bill Keith Olbermann Las Vegas Sex Ralph G-Unit Teen Saturday Night Delaware Michigan Real Bush Live Veterans Florida Dog New York South Cheney Voodoo Time Carolina Darth 9/11 November Beating 5th Ron ABC News 20/20 Republican Neo-Con Liberal Democrat Independent Libertarian Crash Hillary Obama Al Gore Nobel Peace Porn Paul IRS Inflation Federal Reserve IMF World Crash Bank Bankers Rich Illuminati Poor Middle Class WTO NAFTA CAFTA China ATF FBI CIA Iran Iraq Depression Stock Market Campaign Advertisement Ad Bilderberg March on Washington General Petraeus.

New 9/11 Truth Film Preview Why isn't Israeli involvement mentioned in any of the other films out there? Well its time to start bringing this topic to light. This is the first 10 minute clip of the new film being made by

Mossad Involvment 9/11
2 Mossad agents caught delivering a Truck Bomb In NYC were caught by Police and let go back to Israel by the BUSH administration.

11/9, Chiesa e McIlvaine al Maurizio Costanzo Show L'intervento di Robert McIlvaine (padre di Robert Jr vittima nell'attentato dell'11/9, tra gli intervistati di ZERO) e di Giulietto Chiesa al Maurizio Costanzo Show (Canale5, 23.10.07) - /

We Are Change UK - 9/11 Questioned in European Parliament Members of We are Change UK were at the European Parliament in Brussels to watch the Premiere of Zero, a new film that questions the official version of events on 9/11. A panel of guests were in attendance to answer questions before and after the film. These included David Ray Griffin, Yukisha Fujita MP and Giullietto Chiesa MEP. David Ray Griffin is one of the leading authors on 9/11, having written 6 books on the subject. His newest book looks at the 25 largest contradictions in the 9/11 Commission Report

WeAreCHANGE confronts Larry Silverstein
WeAreCHANGE confronts Larry Silverstein commentary analysis political commercial news grassroots outreach documentary.

Yukihisa Fujita is a Japanese opposition MP who recently questioned the Japanese Prime Minister about outstanding questions regarding 9/11. This was televised on national television reaching an audience of millions. Giullietto Chiesa is an Italian MEP and journalist. He is one of the producers of the film Zero and was responsible for the screening in the European Parliament.


Jamie Leigh Jones - KBR Gang Rape ABC 20/20 Report "Jamie Leigh Jones, now 22, says that after she was raped by multiple men at a KBR camp in the Green Zone, the company put her under guard in a shipping container with a bed and warned her that if she left Iraq for medical treatment, she'd be out of a job. "Don't plan on working back in Iraq. There won't be a position here, and there won't be a position in Houston," Jones says she was told. In a lawsuit filed in federal court against Halliburton and its then-subsidiary KBR, Jones says she was held in the shipping container for at least 24 hours without food or water by KBR, which posted armed security guards outside her door, who would not let her leave. "

KILL EVERYBODY: American soldier exposes US policy in Iraq US ARMY SPECIALIST DARRELL ANDERSON EXPOSES US POLICY "I joined in '03," 'cause I was broke, I needed money, but I was a young American kid, I wanted to fight in a war. I joined up. [A] month out of training I arrived in Baghdad, Iraq, January '04. Saddam's been captured. And I get there and the guys I'm serving with have been there for six months already; they were there in '03. And I go, "Well, you know what, I think it's come out that, you know, these people had nothing to do with 9/11, there was no Iraqi on those planes. We can see around here there's no Al Qaida, there's no terrorist syndicates in Baghdad, or Iraq. Saddam had stamped 'em out." And I asked my buddies, "Well, you know, we're here to find 'weapons of mass destruction'." And they laughed at me. And I said, "Well, you know, we're here to 'help the people.'" And they laughed at me. And I said, "What's our mission? What's our goal?"...They're like, "All we're trying to do is make it home alive..." Anderson describes the escalation of violence against unarmed civilians: "In April, they told us, "In a crowded area, if one person shoots at you, kill everybody." Anderson explains the rationale from the officers: "They [members of the crowd of people] are letting them [the person or persons firing at the U.S. military] attack you. They're no longer innocent if they're there at the time of the crime..." (9/11 conference, Chandler AZ Feb 23-25, 2007) / snowshoefilms post-production/ 9:46

US Troops rape 14 year old Girl

This is What A Police State Looks Like

Deputies Throw Paralyzed Man From His Wheelchair

In case you missed it

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons: A Must Watch Video Documentary
Transcript Global Research: Savaged by dogs, Electrocuted With Cattle Prods, Burned By Toxic Chemicals, Does such barbaric abuse inside U.S. jails explain the horrors that were committed in Iraq?

Female Victim Strip Searched by Cops
This is another case of Police brutality that makes no sense.

Middle East Conflict and the Slaughter of the Lebanese
Support Rally for the Truth! Why can't people who have differing views just leave each other alone instead of being vindictive and judgemental.

Rabbi Goldstein gives a historic overview of zionism and the creation of the zionist state, explaining its incompatibility with Judaism. Neturei Karta (Jews against zionism) 23 December 2001. Rabbi Goldstein explained to his Muslim audience that whilst for Mr. Arafat and the Palestinian Authority its a political struggle and they may compromise with the zionist state and settle for 50%, 25% or whatever they can get, he cannot do that. Ideologically religious Jews cannot recognise any part of the zionist state. "...The Muslims people basically got involved in the fight against zionism when it started effecting them on a political basis which is 1917 for the Palestinians or afterwards for some of the other Arab countries, We [religious Jews] were in this fight from the 1890's roughly... As soon as it was founded [zionism], it was condemned - Jews came out and said this is atheistic, this is idol worship..." Operation Magic Carpet - How the zionists got the Jews from Yemen to come to their zionist state... and how they stole their babies and sold them!

See what its like to live with Settlers as your Neighbors In the center of the city of Hebron lies the "Tel Rumeida" neighborhood. In 1986, a new settlement was established at the heart of the neighborhood. The settlers of Tel Rumieda, who known as particularly extreme, live on one side of a dead-end street... The Abu Eisha family lives on the other side. [This video is now removed from YouTube and "a" typical of Zionist propaganda interventions. They advocate the removal of the real truth time and time again. But here it is again on Live Leak. See what the Zionists don't want you to see.]

Look what happened today May 15th

The Sludge Report #430

Justice Department Increasingly Avoiding Corporate Prosecutions The Justice Department has put off prosecuting more than fifty companies suspected of wrongdoing over the last three years. The decline in prosecutions is seen as a deliberate and dramatic shift in policy. While the news reported in a front-page article in the New York Times surprised many, the Justice Department’s use of so called “deferred prosecution agreements” is nothing new. Back in 2005, a report released by the Corporate Crime Reporter profiled dozens of these cases and warned against their use. We speak with Russell Mokhiber, editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter.

We Are Change UK - 11th of every month - US Embassy Members of We Are Change UK visited the United States Embassy in London this April 11th in support of the international autonomous grassroots campaign 'The Eleventh of Every Month'. We encountered some Iraqi refugee's and a large number of police officers.

Ron Paul Questions, General Petraeus Avoids Answering Ron Paul lays out some tough questions, and only asks for an immediate response to one of them. The question was whether President Bush could bomb Iran without the approval of Congress. However, Petraeus avoids answering, even though surely a Four-Star General should know whether it is legal to bomb a country without the approval of Congress or not.

In defense of Carter president jimmy carter trip to syria hamas Khalid Meshaal israel palestine peace middle east Eli Yishai

Fox News: Alex Jones on DC Madam Palfrey's Murder Fox News' Geraldo has 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones on to examine the evidence that shows that DC Madam Deborah Jean Palfrey was murdered-- despite the official claim that she committed suicide. Jones points out the numerous statements Palfrey made in refutation of suicide, as well as the criminology that women rarely hang themselves, generally preferring pills. Geraldo and two co-hosts admit they agree with Alex Jones-- that claims of Palfrey's suicide are "stinky" and suspicious and that the case should be further investigated. One woman even says that the John's on Palfreys list-- including many high-level politicians-- should be revealed and prosecuted. Palfrey's hi-rise apartment manager in Florida says he saw Palfrey only days before her death when she told him a contract may be out on her life. Additionally, she made arrangments to secure her apartment for the next six years-- the approximate time she expected to be in prison--seemingly pointing to the idea that she expected to stay alive.

Author, Blogger Arianna Huffington on How John McCain Has Changed Since Telling Her He Didn’t Vote for Bush in 2000 Blogger, author and nationally syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington revealed this week that Senator John McCain had told her eight years ago that he did not vote for President Bush in the 2000 election. McCain has angrily denied the claim. Huffington joins us to talk about her disillusionment with McCain, whom she says has abandoned his principles in his quest for the Republican nomination. Huffington is author of the new book, Right is Wrong: How the Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded the Constitution, and Made Us All Less Safe—and What you Need to Know to End the Madness.

Australia: Sydney: Palestinian exhibition axed after police visit
THE decision by a Sydney library to dump an exhibition about Palestinian refugees after a visit by counter-terrorism police the night before it opened has been criticised as an act of censorship. Leichhardt municipal library was to launch the Al-Nakba pictorial exhibition last Friday. A local community group, Friends of Hebron, had developed the display of photos, poems and articles over eight months. "We set up the exhibition at the library on Thursday night and the librarian … approved the exhibition, and said that it could be seen by children and other people who enter the library," said Carole Lawson, a Friends of Hebron member. But that night, shortly before the library closed at 8pm, officers from the police counter-terrorism operations arrived at the library. A police spokesman said the officers were from the operations' community contact unit and had come only to "say hi" to Friends of Hebron members. "They went to introduce themselves just to let them know who they are and what they are about. [Speaking with community groups] is part of their charter," he said. "When they got there the librarian was the only one there … they just had a quick chat to the librarian." But Ms Lawson said: "They wanted to put the fear of god into the library staff and wanted the staff to feel threatened."

EXCLUSIVE: Fmr. Military Intelligence Officer Reveals US Listed Palestine Hotel in Baghdad as Target Prior to Killing of Two Journalists in 2003 Last month marked the fifth anniversary of the US military shelling of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad. The attack killed two journalists: Reuters cameraman Taras Protsyuk and Jose Couso, a cameraman for the Spanish television network Telecinco. The Pentagon has called the killings accidental, but in this broadcast exclusive Army Sgt. Adrienne Kinne (Ret.) reveals she saw secret US military documents that listed the hotel as a possible target. Kinne also discloses that she was personally ordered to eavesdrop on Americans working for news organizations and NGOs in Iraq.

Legendary Author Gore Vidal on the Bush Presidency, History and the “United States of Amnesia” With a career spanning more than six decades, Gore Vidal is one of America’s most respected writers and thinkers. He’s authored more than twenty novels and five plays. His latest book is Point to Point Navigation: A Memoir.

Dancing With The New World Order This video is meant to be a comedy more than anything else. It is not an easy task to learn about subjects like the new-world-order, secret societies, the manipulation of the people, and the horrendous acts carried out on the people of this world. Any ordinary person will naturally be horrified to learn of what is really going on in this world.

Norman Finkelstein - Hezbollah, the Honour of Lebanon Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish American political scientist and author, specializing in Jewish-related issues and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular talks about the Lebanese militia Hezbollah and openly supports and praises their resistance: "They (Hezbollah) show courage, they show discipline, I respect that" On Israeli defeat and consequential withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, Finkelstein says:"But the reality was -- and everyone understood it -- that the Israeli attitude was: We are going to knock out Hizbullah. They began planning for a new war right after they were forced to leave in 2000. They found their excuse, their pretext, in July 2006, but there is no question among rational people that Israel was never going to let the Hizbullah victory go by." "There is no way that the United States and Israel are going to tolerate any resistance (to their hegemony) in the Arab world." On the damage caused to Lebanon as a result of the resistance: "It's better to die on your feet than to walk crawling on your can I not respect those (Hezbollah) who say they would rather die on their feet? How can I not respect that?" Finkelstein then goes on to slam the stances taken by some sell out Arabs who continue to admire George Bush like 'Servants' despite Bush being the man behind the carpet bombing of Lebanon and says that Bush should be classified as 'persona non grata':"Who (would) roll out the red carpet less than two years after your whole country was destroyed by them (the US)? " "You (sell out-arabs) have NO self respect"

Former Chief UN Weapons Inspector Hans Blix on the US Rush to War in Iraq, the Threat of an Attack on Iran, and the Need for a Global Nuclear Ban to Avoid Further Catastrophe. The Bush administration’s claims of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq formed the key justification for the war to Congress, the American people and the international community. As the former chief United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq, Hans Blix was at the center of the storm. From March 2000 to June 2003, Blix oversaw the UN Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission’s 700 inspections at 500 sites in the run-up to the invasion. Blix is currently the chair of the Swedish government’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission. His latest book, just published, is Why Nuclear Disarmament Matters. Blix joins us for the hour from Stockholm, Sweden.

Memorial Day Special…Winter Soldier on the Hill: War Vets Testify Before Congress
War veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan came to Capitol Hill this month to testify before Congress and give an eyewitness account about the horrors of war. Like the Winter Soldier hearings in March, when more than 200 service members gathered for four days in Silver Spring, Maryland to give their eyewitness accounts of the injustices occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan, “Winter Soldier on the Hill” was designed to drive home the human cost of the war and occupation—this time, to the very people in charge of doing something about it.

Global Cluster Bomb Ban Approved Over US Objection
More than 100 countries have agreed to ban cluster bombs. The agreement does not include the United States, which boycotted the talks in Dublin. Russia, China, Israel, India and Pakistan also did not take part. But the deal got a boost when the British government ignored US pressure and signed on in a last-minute intervention. Thomas Nash of the Cluster Munition Coalition said the deal is robust.

Alleging War Crimes, British Activist, Writer George Monbiot Attempts Citizen’s Arrest on Former UN Ambassador John Bolton
John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, escaped a citizen’s arrest Wednesday night as he addressed an audience in Britain. We speak to George Monbiot, the British activist and columnist who tried to arrest Bolton. Monbiot says Bolton is a war criminal for his role in helping to initiate the US invasion of Iraq

Robert McChesney and Josh Silver of Free Press on the National Conference for Media Reform Nearly 3,000 people have come from across the nation for what’s become known as the most important gathering of the growing movement for media reform. Participants will hear lectures, take workshops and strategize on efforts to fight media consolidation and democratize the airwaves. Speakers include Dan Rather, Bill Moyers, Arianna Huffington, Van Jones, Naomi Klein and dozens more.